Passion Planner: Goals and Reflections

The Passion Planner made its way to me like most really good things do: by word of mouth. 

Actual conversation with my co-worker, Lizzie:

Me: I am looking for a good planner for 2016

Lizzie: oh! You should get the Passion Planner!

Me: <googling> huh. This looks cool. They like goal-setting, and it was a Kickstarter! <enters card info>

So, this was half laziness on my part because I didn’t want to go out and fight the crowds at the stationery story that were wrestling over the last 3 ugly and insubstantial organizers. This one could be ordered online and delivered to my door! The other half was the great crowd marketing the folks at PP (giggle) are doing. There are amazing pictures on their Instagram of beautifully color-coded and completed planners. Inspired, I purchased. 

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive mine. The hubs was out of town at the time, so I didn’t have much to do or look forward to (other than hours of reading bliss!) at the end of each work day. I literally watched for the mail truck to drive by for several days, (disclaimer: my office is at the front of the house where I can hear and see her drive by–I’m only a little nuts) and I was peeking out the window when she stuffed the big envelope in our mailbox. Ever see a crazy lady running to the mailbox in her socks? That was me. 

Upon opening the package, I got a note, a couple of stickers (!!!) and the planner, of course. In the front of the little book was the best/worst part. Instructions on goal setting and planning to make your dreams come true were laid out in a helpful, scaffolded, and numbered list. I was not prepared for this. 

I was hoping to get this planner, start filling in all my cute appointments and be left alone to abandon my hopes and organizational systems around March, only to pick up the thing again around October or November when life got hectic again. Goals? Dreams? Ugh. 

Another actual conversation with Lizzie:

Me: OMG! My passion planner is here!! I’m dancing around the house! Life–prepare to be organized!

Lizzie: Yay! Happy for you! I need to get mine out and start filling things in too!

Me: oh wait, GOALS? They doing too much. I’m going to save all that for later, TBH. 

Lizzie: lol it’s cool, glad you’re getting started! 😀

Ok, so remember, hubs was out of town? I got real bored after work, and I was still inspired by my *brand new book* that only I get to fill up with awesome, so I ended up filling out the goals that same evening while making dinner. It really didn’t take long at all, and the worry about starting was much worse than the reality. 

My goals included writing more often and eventually writing a book. These are in addition to some other self-serving goals like journaling and meditating daily, which help to keep my brain healthy. It’s been going pretty well so far, but it’s just the first month. I’m not writing every day, but I am scheduling blog posts out ahead of time, which makes me feel good about myself, which in turn makes me want to publish more. 

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