My Two-Week Disappearance: Japan and Thailand

I really meant to keep up my posting schedule over the last two weeks. Unfortunately, when you’re on the other side of the world, some of the things you were going to do start to slip away.

My husband and I went away from the end of January to mid-February for our long-awaited honeymoon. We travelled from Nashville to San Francisco, and from there flew to Tokyo, Japan. We then took a “bullet” train to Kyoto, where we stayed for 5 days. We travelled back to Tokyo for 2 days, then took a plane to Bangkok, Thailand.

In Thailand we split our time between the big city and a tiny island off the west coast called Koh Lanta. After two days in Koh Lanta we travelled by speedboat and van, train and plane over the course of 2 days back to Tokyo and then San Francisco. Between Bangkok and San Francisco we didn’t sleep in a bed, and we arrived in the States unaware that it was still Wednesday instead of Thursday. Crossing the International Date Line is somewhat like going back to the future.

We ate and walked and ate and walked and ate some more, through both countries. Averaging 7 miles of walking a day, and sometimes reaching up to 15 miles, we felt we could eat whatever we wanted–and hey! We were on vacation. We indulged in $9 (USD) hour-long Thai Massages on the beach and racks of ribs bigger than your head.

My feet are sore, my heart is full. I’m still finding sand in all of my belongings and the sneaky Yen or two in my wallet. My brain is full of images and stories, and I’m so grateful for the time.

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