Checking In

Most of my April has been spent not writing. Doing anything but writing. Actively avoiding writing. Hence the silence here. I’m not avoiding the blog, per se, I just got busy.

There have been hours-long Game of Thrones marathons.

And more hours spent catching up with friends on the phone.

And even more time puttering around the house, thinking about all the writing I could be doing, beating myself up a little for not doing it, and finding other things to do instead.

I’ve got a novel or two in the hopper right now, rolling over and over in my brain, but instead of walking into my office, I sit on the couch and play another round of solitaire.

It’s hard to pin down why we avoid those actions that we know will make us happy. I know that if I go outside and take a run, I will feel better. I will sleep better, my brain doesn’t feel so murky, and I won’t feel bad about eating whatever I want. But why don’t I lace up my shoes?

It feels like inertia. It feels like slogging through mud. It’s not quite depression, but it’s a little more blue than normal.

I’m trying to give myself a break. I’m trying to be gentle and loving to myself first. I also just try to get through the day, sometimes. Make yourself busy so you don’t catch yourself looking. Keep truckin’.

I’ll look at all the reasons why, but later.

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