Little Bits of Happiness: What I’m Reading January

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert: I’m loving this book so much I’m taking tiny sips when I need inspiration. This has become one of those books that I read when I need a little kick in the butt or a little pick-me-up. In. Love. Oh! She also has a podcast called Magic Lessons. Listen and be inspired!

Rising Strong by Brene Brown: This one has scared me, so I’m making my way through it slowly. Brene Brown is a renown author and researcher on vulnerability and resiliency. I heard about her through a good friend who is a Social Work/Public Health Ph.D. candidate (super smarty-pants!) and then again when I heard Elizabeth Gilbert speak. Get her stuff, take her online classes, feel better.

I just finished:

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline: This book is filled with 80s pop-culture references and video and board game allusions, and I still liked it! There’s a reason it was recommended alongside The Martian: the subject matter threatens to get bogged down in jargon, but the compelling story line gets you through.

My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem: Recommended independently through the Emma Watson Goodreads book club and Ann Patchett (of Parnassus Books and amazing author in her own right). For some reason, I kept thinking that this was going to be some sort of dry account, but Steinem knows how to tell a story.

So, all that said, I need reading recommendations! What are you reading? What should I read? Let me know in the comments!

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