Tips for Getting Away When You’re Away with Family

The best thing about going home for the holidays? Family! The worst thing about going home for the holidays? You guessed it! Family.

It’s not that they try to be all up in your space, but sometimes in the middle of all the excitement, we forget that we all need a little time away. But sometimes pushing down the emotional stress of the situation instead of hitting that release valve every so often will make those feelings bubble over. It’s even worse with family┬ábecause in addition to holiday stress you get all the added fun of shared history! So, on top of your current issues, you get to bring up past pains. Ugh.

So, combat some of that emotional chaos by taking control. Build some mental breaks into your day so you can pause and release a little tension. Remember, these aren’t suggestions to avoid your family altogether, but to just take a little break.

Some recommendations:

  • Listen to some music. This is great for airplanes, public transit, and times when the ambient noise is overwhelming.
  • Listen to a podcast (Tara Brach is awesome!)
  • Just put your earbuds in your ears! This can be a great “leave me alone” signal if you just want some silence
  • Go for a walk. As little as 10 minutes away from the bustle can be enough to clear your head and reduce your anxiety.
  • Lock yourself away. If you really can’t find anywhere else to go, find a bedroom, a bathroom, a hall closet to hide in and regulate your breathing. All those other people can really get one worked up!
  • Also, don’t be afraid to assert yourself. Tell your family you need a break. Set a phone or kitchen timer for 5-10 minutes and promise to come back when your time’s up. You’ll be much happier and more helpful when you take care of yourself.

How do you find time for yourself when you’re with family? Leave ideas in the comments!

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