Perfect is the Enemy

It has been said, by people much wiser than I, that perfect is the enemy of good. Perfect is also the enemy of getting started, or going anywhere, or finishing or anything else, really. Because perfect is fear-inducing. Perfect is impossible.

So, with that, I begin. Because waiting isn’t the hardest part, it’s the fear and the worry and all the other stuff that keeps us from living a small and centered life. By waiting until the time is right, we can miss out on all the good things we never knew could happen. By trying to schedule things into the perfect time and the perfect place, we lose the spontaneity of the moment, the joy of the center, and the fun of exploration.

This blog isn’t about anything in particular. It’s about everything. It’s about my favorite things and my worries. It’s about my fears and my loves. It’s about the things that brighten my day and those that stand in the way of my happiness. You’re not going to find amazing make-up tutorials here. You’re not going to see beautiful pictures of mountaintops and lovely party-ready tables.

You may find something here that makes you think, however. I hope you find a little peace here. I hope you gain some courage to take a step in your own life. And I hope maybe once in a while, I’ll make you laugh.

This life is beautiful. Enjoy it!

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